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Assorted Poems
Ian Pfremmer: ip551428@uni.edu/319-292-3058 3131 Franklin St., Waterloo IA, 50707

New Entry:

Dear John=Written by Ian Pfremmer
Dedicated to John Coltrane

Dear John,

            I regretfully inform you that I have found a new love, one that will never leave, like you did, before I knew you. I was only thirteen!! How could you! Well, now that you are away on the everlasting battle, I am writing this to say it’s over. I can’t live another day with you in my soul. No more!



                                                                                                The World, and Ian






We are the same in different languages in strange lands

You play with tones, minds, hands

I play with tones that bind the minds attached to those bands

You play with bones

That shiver the fake life I’ve led, bred


TRANE, tenacious trepidation trembling, teetering too treacherous to teach, tapping tenderly, traversing terrible tones, trepanned tools to take the time, terra tent, thrilling throat, though tough tenors take tolls; TRANE, to tell the truth tests typography, telepathy, typically trendy twinges twirling trustful to truncate trilling tones.


Yet we are from different universes, for I was not even born for another eight years,

And they say you started the world, and most of its tears

I still am a fetus, a mind not yet formed, fears

Yet you play with bones

That shiver the fake life I’ve led, bred

                   the fake life I’ve led, dead

                   the fake life I’ve led, bred

Walk of Job

I have seen many horrors, many tragedies to speak of,
But the true horrors are not shown on CNN.
These are the daily agonies of the people who work, who break, who leave all life behind to make the payment, to make the supper, to make a life
To free themselves
To see themselves
To be themselves

What does our God want from us?
To kill Shiites, to kill Catholics, to kill Communists, to kill Capitalists?
Our God wants us to walk the steps of Job; to suffer, to cry, to lose, to lie.
Does God want us to become helpless; to sing, to fly, to win, to die.
But what about the beauty that I cannot forget, that I cannot let go, that I cannot escape.
Whether it is this poem, whether it is this hand, whether it is this mind,
Can the choice be made on what to destroy, what to deny, when to employ, when to cry?
To grow the pure definition of love is to have hate
To grow the pure definition of friend is to have enemies
To kill the pure definition of hate is to have love
To kill the pure definition of enemy is to have friends.
But do not despair, for all have the same definition: Walk with Job

The Lost


 Do you know you are dying, lost from sight?

 Coming closer, needlessly to Blake's light,

 Like a lost boy in terrible snow,

 Gathering like the Red Dragon below,

 Or the answer of the tongues of god's that blow.

 Is it time for Rintrah to shine divine,

 One thought, one door more to release the sword to align the benign in time.

 Will all time stop for just one?


 Are the stones of Dover Beach warming your heart?

 Where the furtive, branded lands hide the start,

 Can love liberate an alien lost?

 Or will rocks of love grab the heart and toss,

 Where all share the same tugging moss,

 Fate, that breeds so softly in line

 Strife of the knife into hearts that neither show nor know any way to define,

 Can it be told what must be undone?


 Legions of pomegranates line yellow flowers,

 Anger, then death shows its horrific showers,

 Lying in streets, crying on stars with Harlot's who taught,

 And finding true love that is lost but unsought,

 Where snow brings justice to an unequal aught,

 Showing a man the wonders of a mind,

 And leaving a bereaving soul to somehow flow too slow in such a miracle bind,

Should the inequities of all be won?


 Learning the thoughts of a broken mind in Tours ,

 Discovering Astronomy, Geometry, and how Algebra incurs,

When I find the lost truth in all, the beginning to the end,

 Uncovering the answer, revealing a mind destined,

 Finally seeing the world in a light that does not bend,

 Cogito, ergo sum, I think therefore I am,

 You cannot doubt nor shout about the douse of fire or desire of the lamb,

 Yes, the beginning is now!


 Always lacing minds with the beauty of this great man,

 Footsteps in every direction, but dying in foreign land,

 The most praiseworthy form of painting is one that most resembles what it imitates,

 And every man, woman, and lost child cannot debate,

That his pure genius could not wait,

 A man with nature's eyes forever keen,

 Mighty Lionardo with piety and tightly woven dreams that stream and beam into a requiem,

 Yes, the truth must be shouted aloud!


See her voice creep up on life as an amorous rain,

Leaving no lost note unturned, nor any love sustained,

 But Heavens part and angels flutter their wings,

 And every savvy ear comes forward and leans,

For everything stops when Mama Jazz sings,

 And all eyes turn to the First Lady of Song,

 But the rest cannot best nor test the uncouth truth that her purity is gone,

 Yes, nobody can be left behind!


Authors Note:

I wanted to put this note in to explain the topics of each paragraph. The first paragraph is about William Blake, the next Matthew Arnold, then Oscar Wilde, then Rene Descartes, Leonardo Da Vinci, and finally, the late, great Ella Fitzgerald.

The world has changed today,
Forever seeing new breaths of imagination and knowledge,
The world has changed today,
With human kind evolving on this day to understand more of what has been lost.

The world has changed today,
With the want of one man to unite under one front,
The world has changed today,
With the word freedom.

How does this word affect you?
Does it shoot like an arrow, through and through?
How does this word move you?
Like a mountain crumbling on the sky, trembling blue.

Today in the past the present caught up with the future.
Where the colors white and black no longer make grey,
But instead they made today, which is such a beautiful day.

No Title
Always the Sun
Hot, glowing
Open your eyes, seek the demand of life on this day

Never the Moon
Cool, soothing
Close your heart to a dead world wanted by most

Show the end to the innocence
Begin the journey, heart listening
Hot sun, beating on my head
Cool moon, stroking my rivulets of hair
Seek the end
No more
No less
Do you understand why the moon howls
Do you see the oceans sway
Do you hear the sky scream
Out loud, for life

And the stars cry for freedom
The heavens want to smile for us
So learn
Love the sweet maiden
Love the handsome king
Hold my hand and I will cross the silver fire in your soul
Hold my hand and I will hold on to the obsidian beauty

The stars will sing on this glorious day
We cross the blue thoughts, wings afar
Golden heart, nubile breath, wrestle with the cloud of hearts
Now the rainbow will come
Now the rainbow will shine
Now the rainbow will go
Now the rainbow will die.

Thirteen centimeters and a touch over 8 pounds
Flowing smile, crouched around melancholic frowns
Ever dancing, crawling and prancing, sweet ever faster
Crossing time on the same plane
Watching the suns locks driving the master
And sensing the birth in death hands, riding insane

Now I see both light and death
Birth and darkness in the same breath
I wonder how long the sun will set
On my dear life, no regret

Now I hear both sadness and life
Also grabbing the smiles with strife
Wondrous day, behold a tear
For my sweet niece, Isolde, such a dear.

The Winter Breeds Spring
The winter marks appear in the sky
Floating and caressing my comforting eyes
The dead awakes with frozen breath
Birds and daisies vanish, only lifeless left
Apparel of the land is deep and white
With only snowflakes pushed into flight
Desires filled with intense heat
People scatter to the wind, feet of fleet
But death breathes life, barren breeds essence
And soon the spring will become present

I have seen a lonely sky filled with pastoral lands
Amazing senses mask wondrous desires
Beings of love scattered across depassioned bays of despair

I have seen a forsaken land pummeled with magnolias and rose colored skies
Monstrous rainbows disease rainy clouds
Lonesome friends find their fate causally furrowing under festering fiends of fresh life.

The Garden
Life is the garden that is majestically green,
Full of life and full of giving,
The garden will give until it can give no more,
Till the majestic green is no longer,
Then life is no longer,
But do not fret, for life is all around,
Waiting for the right time, the right place,
You may have the next garden,
But don't worry when the garden is gone,
Somewhere, life will always go on to grow a new garden.

Such a beautiful thing
How much do I need it? I yearn for it every day.
I see togetherness; laughter, crying, sharing.
I have not had it for many days,
I dream for it, and the dreams ache with reality,
Why do you judge the need? I yearn for it every day.
The precise streams of conscious are deserted,
Wisdom sneaks through the cracks of imagination,
And life seems to be such a beautiful thing.

The Ladder
Climbing into a trance
With hope as your last chance
Reaching for a single limb
Not all will look so grim
Always to the top you must go
Never end up calm with the flow
Seeping creepers scour the ground
Life seems to be spinning round and round
Someday peace will seem to matter
And then we will have climbed the ladder.



Swooping down

Shadows dance on the grass

Light blasts the sky

I see no fear,

I see no fear


The leaves crumble

Footsteps scattered in the scarred wind

Glowing eyes

I show no fear,

I show no fear


The waters ripple

Fierceness rises above

Death stares into my soul

I feel no fear,

I feel no fear


Fear is a state of mind

It is something you don’t want to find

Fear makes the quick strong

Just hope the fear doesn’t last long.


Fear of the Known: A Tribute to Bruce Lee

Leaves rustle, but the wind isn’t blowing

A foul stench fills my nostrils, my senses

Is that footsteps?

Who are you!!! What are you!

The air is thick, hardened

The heart rattles, pounded

I see a form, a shadow of darkness

Stalking its way towards me

I try to run, but my feet mesh with the rocks

All I can do is watch my own death

Closer, the eyes shine

I turn to flee, to get away from what is inevitable

It’s my destiny, the demon I’ve been waiting for

A cold hand touches my arm, and I look

I look into my own eyes, the eyes of death.


No Title
Running wildly
Gazing gently into the unknown
Forests echo with nothingness
The flap of the wind
The rustle of the leaves
The tear of the clouds
The downward spiral, to never ending life
To never ending death
Eyes pierce the walls of darkness

Fierce, a hint of something, of rebirth

The spiral leads me to the keeper

Keeper of the domain of life

Love and power abides

Beauty has no boundaries

Fear enters no place

Eyes shining like stars on a clear winter night

Awaiting arms, love on the horizon

But dare to enter, take the last stab

The needle of pain and emptiness runs through my veins

No one

No where




No Title

Flying high

Piercing thoughts carelessly rouse the clouds

I wander gently onto life

Seeking the great wanderer, the Eagle

I see in his eyes, stalking

I am one with the filaments of all, all with the universe

The stars cry for their own majesty

The mountains wave at their presence, glory

Simbiance between all beings

The light flickers off the lake

Mirroring my soul

Splendor’s feathery arms induce my peace

The Eagle and I are one

The same souls, attached

All power, all life, all one.



Mist rising . . . slowly . . . careless,

Gaping eyes ride the sunbeams

Stars spit in your path, Journeyman.

Unsettled dispute with grandeur,

Ride the Zephyr,

Dance with Mother Wolf, sing with Master Crow,

Unicorns and magic fill your heart,

Rainbow eyes and skin of pearls

Mountains gracefully bear witness and leaves whirl

Are you the Journeyman,

Ride the Serpent through the sacred river

Knowledge and wisdom are your rowers.


No Title

A violet slap against a golden horizon

Clouds dance in a sea of azure

A war of beauty is a sight to behold


No Title

I see a sunset

Brilliant, snowy lined cream puffs slip in and out of the sun’s embrace

Oceans of color arise from the empty horizon

Royal purple and gently pink battle in a symphony for control of the clouds

Blue and gold struggle to impress the flying birds soaring overhead

The mighty sun pushes aside

She sees the sunset, but through my eyes



Baby steps . . . soft touches, reaching,

Laughs, tears, and fears,

Now we have the proper tension,

Now our lives come at attention,

Souls slipping towards the abyss,

Hoping for that moment of bliss,

I see the spark in your eyes, friends

                                                All of you

Please find the right path,

Find happiness that can only last,

Strength is in one and all,

Please my friends, do not fear to fall,

For smile, the fear will sink,

And again you can howl and play,

And you can learn, when you think,

When you find you can truly say,

What respect is

What love is

What truth is

We are friends, all, we are pals.



Riding chariots of fire

Air fills with sweet desire

Stars sway and prance

Open the sky for the Sundance


Only the strong will go on

Only the weak become meek


Riding the winds of change

With a sweep, rearrange

Flowers sway and prance

Open the sky for the Sundance


Only the right can fight

Only the wrong will fall long




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