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Heaven on Earth



The Land

The Tree
Wise old man, lying around
Telling stories of the young at heart
Opening up the Sun
Lapping the water with your feet
Holding on with dear life
Feel the wind in your hair; seek the heavens
All that is seen is growth, maturity
All that is seen is grandiose
Heaven on Earth

The Jungle
Congesting, convalescing traffic unleashed
Cities of life, communities of many
Descendants of the unknown
Fierce battles of terror, beauty
Endless voids of desolation hoping to see the peerless
Death follows, everlasting life recedes
All that is seen is trapping, fruitful
All that is seen is refined
Heaven on Earth

The Canyon
Abyss of despair, disaster, death
But stories are told, unspoken, marred on skin
Of forgotten friends and lost enemies
Of entrancing beauty and quiet streams, mesmerizing
Layers of freedom, paths of slavery
Broken dreams litter the land
All that is seen is engulfing, breathless
All that is seen is exquisite
Heaven on Earth

The Beach
Standing on a lonely point
Breathing to the sun on a restless day
Running away from a deadly partner
Seeping slowly into death, grasping fingers
Witness to pure beauty, binary, pendant
Holding on to life, but cannot stop reason
All that is seen is softness, caressing
All that is seen is fleeting
Heaven on Earth

The Rock
A very stubborn life he leads
Always on the move, but never finding restful peace
Tales to tell, sights and sounds to behold
Lost in nothing, found every time
Can destroy with one sweep, one fell cry
Live forever, teach others, release secrets, never forget
All that is seen is insight, forebodance
All that is seen is purity
Heaven on Earth

The Rainforest
Echoes of laughter fill the eyes
Music and song reign supreme
All life communicates with the heavens
Exploding with energy, yet jeopardous
Death in every inviting corner, under every stone
Loaded with fear, hope, death, life
All that is seen is alive, sensitive
All that is seen is vanishing
Heaven on Earth

The Desert
Slow suicide marks the land
Falling in a slow, methodical trance
Cold as ice, burning life
Only the strong will try
Only the weak will survive
Outcast of beauty, yet peaceful with might
All that is seen is aggressive, overbearing
All that is seen is masked
Heaven on Earth

The Flower
Mystical unfolding onto a magnanimous presence
Taking our heart by surprise
Always bringing smiles to a friendly place, gentle grace
Hording all the glory with humility
Rising up for only to tease
Slapping us with a tumultuous smile of love
All that is seen is smooth, sensory
All that is seen is peace
Heaven on Earth

The Snow
Angels and Muses blanket the land
A carpet of sevility engulfs life
Sweet smells and gentle flowers sleep
But a harsh beauty grips, masking the weak
Holding the unprepared under its soft cheek
Kissing the ground pierced with solitude
All that is seen is rippling, dazzling
All that is seen is hallowed
Heaven on Earth

The Rain
Tedious cleansing of the nuptial land
Running down hills with the playful chatter of children
Talking to lakes and streams with quiet tongues
Slipping from the clouds, ravishing
Breathing life to a desolate place
Overpowering the land with a coat of death
All that is seen is dancing, luminating
All that is seen is generosity
Heaven on Earth

The Cave
Damp sweat glades the walls
Cold bellows bounce, abysmal
Ice guards statues closely, never smiling
A forest of rock caroms with the cave, sense of home
Many unknown bridges to knowledge, sense of despair
Deeper into the cavern lies scores of whispers
All that is seen is blinding, disguised
All that is seen is tender
Heaven on Earth

The Weed
Happy smiling faces overlapped by flowers
Always in a rout of competition
Careful abandonment for the upbringing
Taunting wherever they greedily smile
Causing hazardous simbiance with the land
Unable to grant freedom, hastily usurping with the rest
All that is seen is juxtaposed, binding
All that is seen is kinetic
Heaven on Earth

The Flood
Great hands building new castles of land
Cleansing of beauty and providence
Deafening wails of expansion, painless
Bearing down with the power formidable with man
Scratching effortlessly, parading for fear
Rolling thunder of creation breaking walls
All that is seen is destructive, creative
All that is seen is purifying
Heaven on Earth

The Plains
Swaying limbs, branches of pastoral growth
Hills fall onto each other in games and play
Overcoming hard friends and deep hands
Being swept away by the veins of life daily
Running with winds and hosting the phoenix
Pushed in and out, expansion and contraction
All that is seen is hazed, blinded
All that is seen is lifeblood
Heaven on Earth

The Volcano
A gracious path of devastation winding with homes
Tears of the gods slicing without fear
Spinning and spinning the world, heartbeat
Short loves and quick lives dance for pleasure
Groping the land for new laughter, death
Sending the waters to create life
All that is seen is monstrous, mesmerizing
All that is seen is ravishing
Heaven on Earth

The Tornado
Radiant sweep of death, viciously handsome
Blankets of tears creeps behind
Succumbing to the dance of air
Defiantly paving the land, breath of change
Opening the minds, the senses, the imaginations
With a deep laugh it gorges new life
All that is seen is punishing, terrific
All that is seen is transformation
Heaven on Earth

The River
Blood of the lands, pollinating life tenderly
Calm and quiet touch ravished and intense
Extending the heartbeat of the world
Bringing love to a lifeless land
Bringing life to a loveless land
Trials mix with trails of wisdom
All that is seen is serene, abundant
All that is seen is fortitude
Heaven on Earth

The Hurricane
Menacing air seething towards, coming for all
Obliterated nightmares and dreams collide
Sweeping arms inhale, a deluge of rain tumbles
But deep inside she screams no more
Inside the ocean and skies cry her name
Hovering death corrupts, the eye of peace
All that is seen is exposed, raging
All that is seen is humanity
Heaven on Earth

The Drought
Never-ending warmth, never-ending sun, never-ending
Falling star, grounded without thirst
Noting moves, nothing crawls, nothing hopes
Frenzied life plays with happiness, scarce peace
Ungrateful water roams softly
Crushing air, livid mind, strange dances
All that is seen is torrid, wearied
All that is seen is unbent
Heaven on Earth

The Fog
Thick flood, throbbing deep into chaos
Slowly grasping the ground from the sky
Tickling eyes, covering of the hunter
Smashing grip, soaring weight
Captured smell and azure film, sponge of the air
Rolling tundra, unseen light gazes for the sun
All that is seen is crushing, alive
All that is seen is compelling
Heaven on Earth

The Avalanche
A roar from the distance chatters bone
Trembling land defacing the serene
Heartbeats pass with deafening momentum
Barricade quickly strive for conquering
Time surmounted, death and life elope
Payment necessary, and a price for truth
All that is seen is mystic, fearful
All that is seen is impassioned
Heaven on Earth

The Rose
Standing out, shining from afar
The color of blood sways in the wind
Fresh rain smells slight compared to thee
Touch so gentle, so loving, so gracious
Beauty defending itself, approaching divine
Silken silence prepares for a new day
All that is seen is bewitching, undoubted
All that is seen is royal
Heaven on Earth

The Lake
Whispering sands tickle cool waters
Resting in the breach of judgment
Animals appreciation rivals life, pretentious
Completed circle divides insistent tranquility
And the friend opens his womb, engendering hope
Submit to hapless relevance and educated want
All that is seen is vitality, redemption
All that is seen is lamentation
Heaven on Earth

The Earthquake
Murmuring vibration crawls, softly
Shaking now overcomes, harder
The land tears, deathly crumbling, harder
Unhappy smiles crease the tundra, softly
The sky darkens and the ground laments new skin
Disoriented, silent, afraid, soft, hard, soft
All that is seen is altered, reworked
All that is seen is rectifying
Heaven on Earth

The Cliff
Anticipation comes over the senses, disarray arms
An after thought of what is coming, what was
The edge crunches, hoping to seduce new stories
History spilled, sipping the ancient baths
Beauty untwined in layers, rocks, caves
Caught in serenity, gracious gladiator of time
All that is seen is picturesque, lucid
All that is seen is archaic
Heaven on Earth

The Waterfall
Essence of life, flowing free, primeval roots
Slicing the fierce ground with passion
A magnificent chasm, vaginal, unfeathered
Falling opulence, dripping snowflakes of time
The crying rainbow pivots, fearing the sun
And then another drop withers to the ground
All that is seen is clarification, imposing
All that is seen is totality
Heaven on Earth

The Swamp
Hovering life, death in the mist, a quickening
Choked thought leaves, survival and serendipity
Hunters strike, living, preying, stalking
Constriction, heat, life is slowed
A slow dance of ancestral ghosts, life versus death
Thick waters slide around the land, hugging tightly
All that is seen is struggle, acquirement
All that is seen is progression
Heaven on Earth

The Mushroom
Toyful trickster of the grove, slowing time
Watching, waiting, wondering, writhing
Slowly taking shape, the rainbow deceives
Once the crack of the world is open, life
Once the soul of the world is cracked, open
Once the life of the world is in the open, cracked soul
All that is seen is helpful, guiding
All that is seen is shifting
Heaven on Earth

The Cactus
A magical plant, lifeblood of the desert
Following grace consumed by heat, the cactus breathes
A dangerous ally in desolution, held by Heaven
Questions and answers dance with the mind
And a simple life consumes the wants of death
A desolate beauty, life, in a desolate place, death
All that is seen is humbling, augmenting
All that is seen is glorification
Heaven on Earth

The Glacier
Icy tomb of the treasured past, a forgotten doom
Soon to be unleashed, ravishing the waters of time
Showing nobody its colors, its secrets, its answers
A divine light shines, and the relief of solitude
Roaming, reaching, staring at the great below
Lost to the progression of the cycle, soon to behold
All that is seen is resting, mastering
All that is seen is doom
Heaven on Earth

The Diamond
Amidst the cold dark, a light lies sleeping
Fought over like hunger, thirst, and death
A preserved consequence to vain veins
Bathing the necks and souls of angels and devils
Purifying the lost, crushing the mind of freedom
The dark sun, the lost star that feeds
All that is seen is radiance, strength
All that is seen is blood
Heaven on Earth

Part 2 of 4 next month: The Sky

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