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Thank you for your interest in my writing! I truly hope you enjoy!
Once a month I will update the site to include a new featured poem by another writer. If you have any questions about what you are reading, please email me at ian.pfremmer@yahoo.com, or call 319-292-3058/leave message.
All my writing is free to anyone who wants to use it in any way. I don't believe in copyrights, and I sure don't believe that thoughts, feelings, emotions, and any other form of writing should have a cost behind it. If my writing improves society in any way, than that is my recompense. I will be adding a "free page", a page of ideas that can be used by anyone for any reason, with the knowledge that I may someday come back and use that very same idea myself. Freedom thinkers unite! Enjoy!

Featured Poem of the Month:

A Grammarian’s Birth by Ian Pfremmer, dedicated to Dr. Ken Baughman

 Let us renew the Guff and open now,

  Singing forever.

Left are the mangers, colloquial vow,

    Heartfelt endeavor,

Awake Cognoscenti! Come forth Pen, bent!

  Loved for till the Bolt,

Lippi’s Adoration with Bernard lent,

     You began my molt.

And like Herod’s Feast, my mind will come free,

    Men and Women cry,

As with del Sarto, you are Charity,

     Senza Errori!

Leave we a lettered plain, we are your crops,

       Seek we the cradle,

The Bard screams ecstasy from mountaintops,

       Stir us, oh ladle!

Shelly and Browning soar, but I excel,

       Pilgrim-Poets seek,

Yes! Yonder soul announces and revels,

    No Latini, weak!

For we are strong, path winding to new height,


Our high life was the Sun and all its might,

     A recitation!

Step to a note, high chest, erect with pride,

   Behold the Aware!

This is our master, famous and alive,

   Borne into the air!



Awake, reap and sow! Awake, good Brother,

   Lyrical Bacchus,

He, whose mind pounces, agile, a Panther,

   Kind Hyacinthus,

Your discus of beauty shines like great Ra,

  Teach Aristarchus!



Born like the Phoenix, glorious to see,

  Spring and Wind beguile,

All teachers of past look down, full of glee,

    Dr. Grammar smiles!

“God’s in His Heaven; Alls right with the World”,

   The dance has begun,

Yes, that’s the way of the world, mind twirled,

     The bell tolls, John Donne,

For announce your coming, oh sweet Angel,

  All are so giddy,

For it is known by one word, great Hegel


“What’s in the scroll, that is now unfurled”,

   Our souls are agape,

The bard and sage, all who are of the world,

    Beauty! No escape!

For the trumpets blare, cantillate begin,

 The Song of Beauty:

“Oh Zephyr, soft wind of the West, akin,

   Filial duty,

‘Time to taste sweet life’ our teacher requests,

  Cupid’s arrow flies,

Siete voi qui, ser Magister? Attest!

 Oh Lama, Rabbi,

Eye of Horus, Udjat, come and protect,

  Great Saraswati!

The Son has agreed, fine teacher you are!

  Laozi, smile wide,

The great Buddha Gautama shines, star,

    Aristotle’s pride,

‘Study past if you would define future’

     As Confucius says,

The Oculus opens, bright aperture,

  Great Muhammad prays,

‘Image the whole, then execute the parts’

 Beauty’s song remains

For many more confess, many more hearts,

  And none can abstain.”



We have danced with pure beauty, Aglaea,

  First sweet Charity,

Yea, this in him was the leader, Pasha,

  Singing merrily,

And now we renew, full of mirth, laughing,

 Primavera, Spring,

Raphael, Rubens, Cezanne, all aiding,

   Canova is king!

Milton reveals, Euphrosyne shines brightly,

 Oh teacher please lead,

Show us new light, knowledge packaged tightly,

 Our teacher we need

Back to our song: “Oh teacher, oh Mullah,

 Wisdom we must heed!




Mighty Sappho, great Herodotus, laugh!

   The Republic waits!

Philo, Cicero, Ovid, all you hath,

  Ptolemy dictates,

Saint Paul, Saint Magdalene, we hear your words,

 The start of such love,

Pliny and Lucian, drivers of the herds,

  Jerome, the white dove.

Augustine, Origen, Han Yu, all wise,

  Wise Mirth keep shining!

Great Helen, prophet Griots, come arise,

  Brilliant minds winding,

Gregory, terrible Grendel, begin,

 The mighty Rood dreams,

Book of Kells, merciful goddess, Guan-yin,

 Burden! Ha! To scream,

Mercy, sweet mercy for our tale, must rest,

 Protect earthen soul!

For this soul will teach great minds, the true test,

 Magnify his role,

Al-Razi, teacher of ages, steps grown,

 Aquinas, sweet Saint,

Anoint the Laurel wreath, a master known,

  A poem, so quaint.

Graces return, trust life, sweet memories,

   Juvenal, Petrarch,

Kyd and Faustus, tears from the emery,

    Noble patriarch,

This high man, with a great thing to pursue,           

   Lives, and he knows it

For the Graces only come for a few,

 And the Light emits,

This high man, aiming, needing only one,

                        Shakespeare, begin pen!”

Kind Mirth bows now, for Thalia is near:

“Follow the Ivy,

Good Cheer I bring! The Shepherd’s Staff is here!

   Poet so lively!

So, with Pan’s flute we sing, of Cervantes,

   Bacon and Milton,

Stevenson, Thoreau, Alcott, Hawthorne stays,

 Walden’s Pond begun,

Have you seen Wordsworth and Coleridge, Mozart!

 Kind Faust’s eyes shine bright.

Have you heard of Blake, the Dragon, his art!

Byron, Keats, my light!

Here is my platform, mighty Shelley, Run!

 Tell us of your plight,

Try and find the words, compel, Dickinson

 Poe, Hugo, much more!

Pope, Voltaire; How do I finish this fun?!

 T.S would be sore!



This man decided to Live, to Know, Awe,

  Retrieve this man here,

Here’s his place, where meteors shoot, clouds shorn,

Lightnings cross the Sphere,

Stars come and Lo! Let joy break through the storm,

 Peace, let the dew bend,

To nourish, to call Dionysus, Bard,

  Loftily ascend,

Take him, still loftier, heavenly guard,

                        Baughman . . . Heavenward!

Featured Poem of the Month:

The Grammarian's Funeral by Robert Browning

website for poem:


A New Poem For A New Friend, To Raven
To Raven, on the search of Theurgia 

By Ian Pfremmer

O blessed Osiris, oh Buddha beloved, 

Do you cry, oh Jesus, for the beauty above 

I see you, August King, and weep soft tears,

Allahu Akbar, I have no fears!  

The Raven tears down walls, smiling wide 

She helps me grow strong inside.

O singing Orpheus, oh Bacchus dance, 

Do you hear the Castalian Spring prance, 

I feel you, Queen Isis, and hold so tight, 

For the Natya Shastra, in all its might, 

Shows us the truth, Yogani, tear my eye, 

For we are on the same path, Raven fly!

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