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The Word

                                                The Word


Always approaching Apollonian, apocalyptic, androgynous apathy; apprehending advanced alienation; achromatic awareness aforementions addressable abduction and annunciated an Apostate; animalistic, Angelic, ambidextrous, amorphously altruistic Americans.


Benign benevolence, ballistic, bombastic, balmy Bard; Belial battles, bequesting bent beneficiaries; beseeching, benign beams, bawling battlements, barring barbaric bolts; bombing bondages; blithe beauty bestowed before.


Cautious characters, callously coercing, capriciously concocting carelessness; capitalizing Catholicism; cacophony causes canons controlling cruel children; calcified cares catch crushing colds; catharsis cruises; cavalier causation.


Death designates disastrous, derivable destruction; destinous depravity deserts desecrated devices; derogatory devilish dimension; dually diminishing draconic darkness; daunting doubt; daring deception; declaration; destiny.


Exorcized existentialism excludes Earth; exhausting equity expands eloquent energies; empowering eulogistic Eucharisms; epidemics envelop; encrypted, endowed eugenics eschewed; epifaunic Eden enraptured easily.


Forced fantasia flaunted; fearless foracity fumes; frivolous frugality flies, fortifying fresh forums; finding friendly faces flowing freakishly, flourishing; faint, fair fear.


Glowing ghost, greedily gaunt; guaranteed guide; gambit glazed graciously, grief gleans; gentle gazer growing gaily, germinating; gnawing glory; golden graces.


Horrific hallucinations! Harrowing hate! How healed have her histories! Hope hoards; hypocritical hype, hysteria, Hell; having hermetic health; hopeful.


Iconic irregularities isolate impervious, impotent, incurable intelligence; imploded insanity; irreverent, irrational, impeded imagination; interchangeable, interlocking, infuriated ingenuity ingrained.


Jocund, jolly, justified jamboree! Jaunting journeys join jagged justice; jumping joyfulness; juggling Jainism; jeering Jesus, jealously joyous!


Killing knights, keeping knowledge kneaded kinetically; king’s kindness kindles keys; kaleidoscopic Karma kithed; kissing kindles, knocking.


Lethargic letters leave literal lives, lowly leading lascivious love; longing, lurking, living; lexemic lures


Magnetic malevolence magnifies malodorous masters; mating matter means maternalistic, meaningful maturity meeting malignant metaphors.


Necessary, neoteric negativity naturally negates noxious noviceness; narrowly nourishing needy, nimble, nightmarish Nirvana.


Opiated obsession obtrudes obligated omens; oligarchy obliterates oaths orbiting old, omitted onslaughts.


Parables penetrate physical potentates; policing pastorated, pathetic pathos; peaceable potential; purity.


Quixotic query questions quickened, quiescent, quizzical, quadrilateral, quantum, quarantined quaintness.


Raptured reverence recedes, reforming relevance; righting rebellion, readily required.


Saturated, satanic satisfaction subliminates seething, selfish, servile, surrendered serenity.


Thunderous thought, tactful taste teeters towards totality.


Undulant, unfamiliar Utopia; unfathomed upheaval; unity.


Victorious vexation visits viral vestages.


Whimsical wretch wields worthiness!


Xenophobic Xerox; Xenolithia.






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